If you would like to fish on a 750 000 square yards in a frozen lake. The Inje Icefish Festival is the one festival you should go. This festival will be held at Soyangho Lake in Inje. It is from January 19-24, 2016. At this spectacular winter festival visitors will be able to try out ice fishing and exciting games such as human bowling on ice, ice soccer, and even a tug-of-war on ice. For those icefish fanatics there will be an icefish eating competition, and visitors can sample the icefish for free. Inje Icefish Festival is one of Korea's greatest winter festival and it is a must see attractions in Korea. For a long time, Inje has known for 8 beautiful sightseeing and also famous for white-water rafting now days. Inje Ice fish Festival is regarded as the most well-known festivals in Gangwon province. This festival will be held in Soyangho lake in Inje. Visitors can experience ice fishing or other exciting programs such as Ice fish food experience, Ice-soccer, Trekking course, catch fishes in Soyangang river, and climbing an ice wall. Would you like to do something fun in Korea during winter season? Visit Inje Ice fish festival and experience exciting winter!! You are able to try out ice fishing, human bowling on ice, ice soccer, and a tug-of-war on ice in this festival.


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