If you are visiting Kyoto, riding a rickshaw might a good option for your trip. When you decided to take a rickshaw ride, why not enjoy the lively downtown from a slightly different point of view on the rickshaw. Most of the rickshaw driver arehealthy young man wearing special clothes pulling a car along the bamboo grooves road. The rickshaw driver would introduced himself, attached our lightweight stroller to the back of the cart, and helped you up into the rickshaw. You'll felt quite high up and visible. When you refer to Gion it's hard to define as there are many pockets to the famous area. Spending time ro explore the Gion culture. It can be a tad confusing to figure out where the hotspots are. There are so many food you can choose around this area, so delicious, but you may choose carefully, because some of them its overpriced for one menu... so many peoples walking around here, some Geisha ladies makeup walking around the street... nice to visit at night.


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