Wanna meet the members of the JUSTICE LEAGUE? Or Watch the Looney Tunes Kids Club Show? Six Flags Magic Mountain is a place to meet all your requests. Just come to Los Angeles to experience one of Los Angeles famous Theme Parks, Six Flags Magic Mountain! They are offering up to $25 off if you buy your tickets at least 5 days in advance of your visit.

With so many thrilling rides and attractions on offer, Six Flags Magic Mountain is a dramatic day out for the youth and family. BATMAN The Ride and SUPERMAN: Escape from Krypton show you what it feels like to be superhero. The 160 feet Full Throttle is the number one tallest and fastest looping roller coaster in the world. If you’re looking for thrills and excitement then you will find it in Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Six Flags Magic Mountain is where families and friends come to spend quality time. If you’re looking for thrills, excitement and have fantastic fun. Six Flags Magic Mountain could give you a memorable moments to last a lifetime.Overall the park is spacious, clean, fun and provides a good day out without the crowds of Los Angeles.


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